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Healthy Green Juice


It’s easy to make your own healthy green juice at home. Not only will you save money, you get more nutrition punch than from store bought juices. Commercial bottled green juice undergoes pasteurization to kill harmful microbes but the process itself also destroys the beneficial enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. Freshly juiced drinks from restaurants and health food stores are the best bet but they’re expensive. Why not learn to make your own? Best yet, you’ll learn how to make your own green juice and become an expert juicer yourself. It’s simple and easy. Depending on how you prefer to juice your vegetables and fruits, by blender or juicer, preparation and clean up time is fast.

The Health Benefits of Green Juice

Naturally people are curious and want to know the health benefits of green juice. Aside from getting all the nutrients and vitamins from raw vegetable and fruit juice, you’ll start to notice your energy level goes up, your skin clears up if you have skin problems, your bowel movement improves, your aches and pains start to go away, and you notice gradual lose weight. These are just a handful of health improvements people experience. You will notice your own health transformation.

Making Your Own Green Juice

Aside from saving money by making your own green juice, you will become your own health teacher. You will learn what ingredients your body agrees with and which ingredients aren’t suitable for you. For example, some people can not have too much kale due to existing health condition and others can not have too much celery because of their weak constitution otherwise they will get watery stools. When you make your own green juice, you stay in tune with how your body responds. You become your own juicing expert.

Your Own Routine

Millions of people have taken up juicing. As a matter of fact, it has become a daily routine for some to begin their day with a glass of healthy green juice. You create your own routine and see how green juice improves your health.


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