Five Fruits to Keep the Cold Away

In the winter, the most common problem people have is being healthy. The temperature varies greatly in the nighttime from daytime and we get sick with the flu no matter how well you take care of ourselves.

Nature gave us an ally to help us get over this unpleasant situation – fruits. So there are things right in your kitchen that can help you get better.

When you get sick with the flu, between a lot of bed rest and drinking a large cup of hot tea or milk, go into your kitchen and look for some of this common fruits that will help you get better:

1) Citrus fruits like oranges are well known to have a lot of vitamin C that helps with the symptoms and will make you feel less tired. They also have a lot of juice so they will help you keep hydrated which is very important or, you might want to drink lemonade from fresh lemons. So keep away from soda you buy at the supermarket and go for Lemonade you can sweeten with honey. Drink it at room temperature and it will help you with the flu symptoms from a sore throat to tiredness and pain in your body.

Citrus Fruits

2) Bananas are another fruit you can make you feel better. It is well known that the banana contains substances that fight against tiredness thanks to the vitamin B6 they contain. So if you feel tired and your body hurts from the cold this fruit might just do the trick.


3) Apples have a large amount of vitamins and minerals that will help your body feel and be stronger against bacteria and viruses. You can make fresh juice out of them or just eat them raw. Apples will help you breathe better so even if your flu is gone you should become used to eating them every day.


4) Cherries have vitamin C that help with fighting bacteria they also help you sleep better. So eat them if you have a cold because nothing is better than a good rested body to fight with your condition.


5) Grapes are considered to be the antibiotics nature gave us to fight bacteria and cure the flu. Because of their vitamins and active substances they help your body be stronger and those who eat them feel better sooner.


For the flu or a minor cold don’t run to the pharmacy just yet. Your own kitchen might be the solution to feeling better and improving your symptoms.


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